Everyone wants the latest music in his android phone and have no time to download music from the internet. Spotify Premium Apk Free is the best solution for this just download and install your android phone and get world all songs In your android and if you want to listen offline you can download with one click.

Spotify Premium Apk Download

Spotify free version has some annoying ads that are playing while you listen to a song. Spotify playing ads those accounts who are using Spotify free. I am sharing here Spotify unlocked apk you can download in your android and ios and Spotify never show you a single ad while you playing a song. Spotify premium account price is 10$ and in premium, you can download the song, skip a song and remove ads from Spotify.

But everyone not affords this price and when he playing songs on Spotify he gets annoying things like ads you can’t skip songs you can’t download the song to play when you do not have internet.

We are sharing here working Spotify premium apk for those who can't afford this price and want to enjoy premium features of Spotify. Download apk install in your android or ios and Get premium features for free.

Spotify Premium Apk Download For Android

When you downloaded Spotify premium apk mod from download link then you need to install in your android phone. If you are installing apk first time then you need to do setting to allow apk installation.

Spotify Premium Apk free

For the setting, you need to go to setting and Security and click on unknown sources.

Spotify Premium Apk Download

click on unknown sources
Then Popup open and you need to click on Ok.

Spotify Premium Apk Download For Android

Now you able to install Latest Spotify premium apk now go file location and open downloaded app and open apk file.

And click on Install and your application is installed on your mobile.

Download Spotify Premium Apk

When you installed this Spotify Premium Apk Free then you need to open a New account or you can use your old account for it. If you did not have to create the new account and sign in Spotify app and enjoy premium features for free.

If you got a problem like your account is banned or anything else you need uses your account on pc minimum one day (only for those who get a problem, not for everyone).

Spotify Premium Free For iPhone Without Jailbreak

First of all, you need to install a new application called Tweak box app.
Download and install in your iPhone and open it.

Spotify Premium Free For iPhone
  • Then click on Apps and you see a list of apps and again click on tweak apps you need to scroll down and you will see an application Spotify+

  • Open it and click on install. 
  • Now go to settings > General > Profiles & device management, and tap on TweakBox. 
  • Next Page you can find and confirm Spotify application is installed in your phone. 
  • Go to Menu and find Spotify and open it 
  • Sign in with your account or create the new account and use this application premium features for free in iPhone. 

How to Go Spotify Premium on PC Computer (Method No 1)

if you want to get Spotify premium in your computer then you need an Android Emulator in your pc. an android emulator is a software that runs a virtual android phone on your pc. There so much emulator available free and paid just search in google and install any single that match your system requirements.

Android emulator not run on a slow computer like Pentium 4 just use this when you have 2 + GB ram in your pc.

  • Download any android emulator like Blue stacks in your pc and install.

Blue stacks

  • Open blue stacks now you have a virtual Android phone in your pc 
  • now is the same process as I did on how to get premium Spotify on Android.
  • Download Spotify premium apk from up download link and install in your emulator.
  • open application creates a new account using temp mail and enjoys Spotify premium on your pc.

How to Go Spotify Premium on PC Computer (Method No 2)

Spotify Premium method no 4 I will share Spotify premium accounts for you. with this method, you can easily login Spotify premium Accounts.

  • first of all, you need to Download chrome in your pc. (if you have already then check next step)
  • Create a New Spotify free account and Logout.
  • Download a chrome extension called ShareUrl
shareurl chrome extension

  • click on add to chrome extension will be added in your chrome
  • Now click on links and then click on Click to Access.
  • your account successfully login to your browser now.
  • Now Go to This URL And Send Invite to your personal email (Make Sure you have Spotify account on it)
  • check your email and accept the invitation
Accept email for spotify premium faimly

  • Congratulation you have a premium account now use on any device.

confirmation on spotify premium

Spotify Premium Vs Free (Features)

Spotify Free account has some issues like playing ads and have limited features. Spotify premium account allows using Spotify premium features like without ads unlimited skips download songs to play the song when you offline. 

Download music.

Most favorite features of Spotify free users want ASAP is Download music to listen offline. In a free version you just play a song when you have a working internet connection but in a premium version you can download a song with just one click and play anywhere.

No Ads

Spotify premium user did not have any ads in a song. In the free version on every song when you play interrupted by short ads. Some tracks are not playable you can't play it in the free version. 

Audio Quality 

Quality does not matter when you are playing a song on just mobile and using handsfree. But when you play the song on speakers you see the difference in audio quality. Free Spotify allows only 1 quality for you but in premium, we have 3 audio quality and we can choose any. 

Some Points You Need to Know About Spotify Mod Apk

  • When you downloaded a Spotify mod apk from anywhere from the internet you need to know its called rebuild apk and when someone rebuilds apk they did coding to get your social media to account details like the password. This apk does not have any coding like this but for your security create a new account on Spotify with temp mail and sign in this app and use it. 
  • Not sign in with your google or facebook account Spotify team detect and blacklist your account and you get permanently ban from Spotify. 
  • Use Always VPN because Spotify team is finding accounts those use cracked software and apps and if they find you they do not get your real IP.
  • use always antivirus in your device when you downloaded any cracked apps or software. antivirus make your data safe.

With the debut of online music streaming along with its addition to superstardom among music fans and aficionados all over the planet, individuals are using it every day, at work, home and on the move with their own Android Phones. Free Spotify premium apk give a huge library of music which could be accessed anytime and anywhere provided you have an online connection. You can create a lot of playlists themed around your mood and even share them with your buddies.

Spotify application form lets you stream music directly from the principal server, as well as simultaneously linking to additional users who've paid attention to the song you have selected.

This method of connecting Spotify users together rather than relying on an incoming connection means that you can start playing the preferred song immediately. In fact, there are countless songs to pick from; lots of diverse languages and genres too available.

Even though Spotify is liberated online invite, this really is where a present member could invite you to join the ceremony, or you can apply to get an invitation by joining a queue, so you pay a premium for its service, that is now set at approximately 10$ per month and means you won't receive advertising every few songs, which is the purchase price that must be paid for users who haven't paid for this service.

A superior subscription is not demanded, but common users might realize that the adverts become very annoying over longer lengths of time listening to the music. I have found myself who the commercials Spotify are currently using are becoming more and more common than earlier and are even more on your own face.